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Collaboration –  Artificially Organic

Artificially Organic is a collaboration between fashion photographer Sara Lehtomaa and still life photographer Tomas Olsen. Together they explore textures, colors and shapes in a playful and dramatic manner.


  • Fashion photographer
    Sara Lehtomaa

  • Still life photographer
    Tomas Olsen

  • Props
    Minna Lilja

  • Wardrobe
    Milla Muurimäki

  • Makeup & hair
    Juho Lehiö

  • Model
    Sofia Ruija

six blackberries hanging together on a grey background by Tomas Olsen
multiple small pieces of glass on a chili by Tomas Olsen
black paint dripping from a durian fruit by Tomas Olsen
closeup of a schroom on a grey background by Tomas Olsen