Holiday Club –  Brand images

As Holiday Club was ready to update its branding, we planned and executed a brand photoshoot to freshen up their photography.


  • Client
    Holiday Club

  • Agency

  • Production

  • Producer
    Jonna Yletyinen

  • Production Manager
    Mirkku Tenhunen

  • Art Director
    Aino Soukko

  • AC and Gaffer
    Maria Hästbacka

  • 2nd AC
    Liisa Hietanen

  • Set Design
    Studio Plenty: Ina Nordbäck, Lela Louhio

  • Stylist
    Aino Heiniö

  • MUAH
    Aino Heiniö

  • Casting
    Donna Maimon

  • Retouch
    Astrid Lindroos