Fellow Creatures –  Vegan Chocolate

Package photography for vegan chocolate brand Fellow Creatures by photographer Tomas Olsen.


  • Client
    Fellow Creatures

  • Agency
    Classmate Studio

  • Art Directors
    József Kiss and Lili Köves

  • Illustrator
    Egle Zvirblyte

  • Photographer
    Tomas Olsen

a colorful fellow creatures chocolate bar against soft background tones by Tomas Olsen
a bunch of fellow creatures colorful chocolate bars lined up next to each other by Tomas Olsen
fellow creatures jar of delicious choc hazelnut spread placed on red pedestal by Tomas Olsen
a chocolate bar leaning against a classy drink on a purple table with dark green curtains by Tomas Olsen
edible things layed out on a table of red by Tomas Olsen
fellow creatures two yellow chocolate bars standing infront of a background of blue and brown by Tomas Olsen
a roll of tape with colorful illustrations stretched out across a table in air by Tomas Olsen
a pink pin with small hand gesture on a pocket of a shirt. by Tomas Olsen
a magenta chocolate bar laying a on a brown fabric on a red background by Tomas Olsen