MTV3 –  Myyrä

Myyrä (The Mole) is a TV show, where the contestants work together to complete various challenges to build a prize pot. One of them, however, is a double agent hired by the producers to sabotage the efforts of the group. My task was to create promotional material for the second season, where 10 celebrities compete for the prize. The visual concept was built around a detective story, which created a mysterious atmosphere for the show. The cinematic lighting honors the glamorous location and allows the contestants to step in the spotlight.


  • Production
    Diamonds Helsinki

  • Art Director
    Jukka Mannila

  • Producer
    Jenni Karén

  • Styling
    Juho Pihlajaoja & Janic Leino

  • Hair and Makeup
    Ilkka Ruotsalainen & Miia Ollula

  • Photographer
    Atte Tanner