Nanso –  Nanso 100-Year Campaign

100-Year Campaign for Nanso


  • Client

  • AD
    Heidi Wenger

  • Photographer
    Sara Lehtomaa

  • Casting Director
    Elina Sarén

  • Stylist
    Milla Muurimäki

  • Makeup
    Anu Levy

  • Hair
    Meron Laine

Nanso Group is a traditional Finnish brand house founded in 1921. It is known for its unique patterns, high quality and timeless Finnish design in womens’ fashion.

Recently Nanso has renewed its 100 year old brand and created a new visual identity for its products and brand imagery, making it even more approachable and effortless.

This visual work has been done in close collaboration with Fotonokka and Sara Lehtomaa.  Nanso’s Art Director Heidi Wenger and Sara Lehtomaa have, for several seasons, formed a cross-company team that has created, photographed and produced most of the brand visuals Nanso currently has. 

Both praise each other for mutual trust and creativity:

“Sara’s light is incredibly beautiful, and her technical expertise makes everything seem effortless. She has the ability to make everyone else feel comfortable and present in the set and give their best effort in collaboration” Heidi says.

“It is always a joy to work with Nanso and Heidi. Heidi’s strong vision guides the whole process so that everyone involved knows exactly what is needed and how. We share the same high work ethic and enjoy working for exactly as long as the best possible outcome requires us to. Even though we technically work in different companies, it always feels like we are a team” says Sara.

The cooperation between these professionals has been highly successful and well-honed in many projects, and over the years it has grown and expanded from online store product pictures to big brand visuals across the product range.
With their impeccable work, the iconic Nanso, despite its respectable 100 year age, has a fresh face and a bright future in making women feel effortlessly stylish and comfortable just as they are.