Atte Tanner –



Atte Tanner is a versatile professional, who loves to capture still moments and tell stories with his photographs.

Atte is fascinated by all things surreal and strange, and he draws endless inspiration from them. He uses a dark colour palette to build lush and ample cinematic and fairytale-like visual worlds that ooze mystery and drama.

With his easygoing charm and natural compassion, Atte makes any photoshoot a safe and fun space for everyone, and his disarming persona gets the whole team to contribute and go all in.

In addition to being a hard-core professional in his art, Atte also loves to share his knowledge and teach his craft.  A wizard in creativity, Atte believes that there is no such thing as a non-creative person – we all have an endless well within us to tap into, if we only allow ourselves to do so.

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