Elina Himanen –




Elina Himanen is an expert in food and interior photography. Her own natural serenity shows in her still lifes – her compositions are true visual poetry.

Elina builds entire worlds in her imagination, and she has the rare ability to materialize them into something real and tangible in her photographs. Elina’s way of working is to completely immerse herself into her work, let her creativity take the lead and then just follow along with the inevitable magic that ensues.

Elina’s lens sees deep into the heart of everything, all the way to the core where the essential reveals itself to her. The soulfulness of her photographs makes them a refuge in the world of abundance, a moment of mindfulness for the eye.

Elina loves to ground herself with making pottery and allowing her mind to rest while her hands do meditative chores.

You can reach Elina at elina@fotonokka.fi or talk to her at +358 50 400 1851.