Joonas Vinnari –



Joonas Vinnari is a cinematographer and photographer specialised in sport and action shoots mainly outdoors with a documentary style.

This former professional mountain biker has 20 years of experience in outdoor video productions. He is a real jack of all trades; he directs, writes scripts and plans, but also enjoys working with other directors and professionals.

When Joonas shoots, he immerses himself entirely into the surrounding nature, and anything and everything in it inspires his material. He is fully present in mind and body, and does not mind climbing a tree or two to get the perfect angle. Whatever the perfect result and surrounding environment require, Joonas delivers.

With delicate senses he feels the scenery around him with every cell, and his sensitive ears pick up everything and help him create sound design to compliment his cinematography.

For Joonas, authenticity and serendipity are his most beloved muses.

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