Justus Järnefelt –

Photographer / CEO


Justus Järnefelt is a photographer, whose sophisticated way of seeing into the core of his subjects translates to a minimalistic flair that captures the essence of who they are.

Justus loves to tell his visual stories with an almost raw honesty, and although he could do nearly anything with his camera, he chooses to restrain himself to a limited source of effects and focus on the essential and small in a subtle way. His style is Kaurismaki-esque in its limited use of color and props, and in his work there is always a fascinating play with opposites – the light and dark, beautiful and ugly, boring and exciting. Ever a homage to unique moments and meaningful communication, Justus’s photographs make big impacts with small effects.

Leader Justus shares the same wide and generous human perception as photographer Justus does. 

His vision is to allow all the flowers and talents to flourish in their own expertise, and to make Fotonokka a safe haven to artistic and creative minds and professionals. He believes different kinds of stories need different voices and tones for them to be told right.

Justus has tackled the role of CEO with the same kind of thorough determination he prepares for his shoots – always wanting to find out more, dig deeper and understand the human mind better.

You can reach Justus at justus@fotonokka.fi or talk to him at +358 40 5353 801