Kimmo Metsäranta –




Kimmo Metsäranta has a gift of bringing a sense of true artistic quality into the simplest of photographs. His background in fine art photography has refined his eye to seeing things in a truly unique manner and a sense of compelling strength and surprise is present in his photographs.

Minimalism is a common nominator in Kimmo´s work, whether working in fashion, portraiture, or in carefully capturing an essence of a design item. He is very meticulous about colour and composition, and although his images are carefully planned, he likes to leave room for the unexpected.

In his subject matters Kimmo has a fascination for mundane oddities, things out of the ordinary and he always strives to present subjects in a new fresh way. His images really capture your curiosity and make you stop and think.

When working on a photo set Kimmo is a gentle leader, quick problem solver and a decisive master of his craft. His clear intuition and great amount of creative bravery allow Kimmo to break away from the controlling rules of the photographic process, and reach out for the unexpected.

Kimmo has a Master´s degree in Photography and has held numerous exhibitions in Finland and abroad. His artistic work has also been nominated for several awards, including the Fotofinlandia and Sony Photography Award.

When not on commercial assignments Kimmo loves to engage in his personal projects in the fields of fashion, design and architecture.