Kristiina Hemminki –



If there’s something Kristiina Hemminki hasn’t done with her camera then it cannot be done.

Kristiina is a classically educated and very experienced photographer and has as wide a range in her topics as is her warm smile. In her, technical expertise and creative exuberance coexist in beautiful harmony.

There is no situation where she cannot make the set her home and everyone around her feel amazing. Her contagious energy carries through the toughest of shooting days with everyone participating and joining in on the fun.

Blank canvas or out of ideas? No problem. When Kristiina takes the wheel, you feel inspired and encouraged, and you can be certain your vision is cradled and nurtured into a beautiful finished product and everything just simply works.

You don’t just watch Krisse’s photographs, you feel them. Deep, strong and as vivid as the topic were actually present, Krisse’s pictures mesmerize and leave wanting for more.


You can reach Krisse at or talk to him at +358 40 592 0008