Mikko Tikka –




Originally a carpenter, Mikko Tikka is a photographer with a wide range of expertise stretching from still life, product and package photographs to cinematography and technical retouching. All of this Mikko achieves with rigorous order and technical competence.

If Mikko wasn’t a photographer, he could very well be an engineer. His shoots run like clockwork, and just as hard-core professionals everywhere operate, there are no useless moves, no excess, no frills; only harmony, pure focus and mastery of the craft.

The calmness and zen that Mikko oozes transfer to the whole team, and create an atmosphere where everyone feels a sense of peace and purpose.

Mikko’s pictures are hyper realistic; in a sense more real than the actual subjects themselves.

In Mikko’s work, respect is a recurring theme. Respect for the craft, as well as deep respect for whatever it is that he photographs – to him, everything is interesting in its own being, and he wants to dig deep into the essence of what he sees through his camera lens.

Mikko is at his element at photoshoots that really require the photographer to go all in.

You can reach Mikko at mikko@fotonokka.fi or talk to him at +358 40 520 4328.