Minna Lilja –



When magic needs to happen, you better call Minna. (We do.)

Minna Lilja is a stylist, visualist, props master, and generally the chief of making things happen.
She has 20 years of experience in visual marketing from top Finnish department stores Stockmann and Sokos, and in recent years she has honed her expertise in photography production.

Minna loves to play her part in the band that is required especially in big photography productions. She also takes great pride in working with top notch photography talents and production professionals in Finland. What she tends to repeatedly forget, is that she herself is one of them.

If you have ever had the chance to work with Minna, you will not forget it. Her big heart and warmth radiates into everything she does and everyone she works with.

You can reach Minna at minna@fotonokka.fi or talk to him at +358 50 585 9906