Sara Lehtomaa –




Sara Lehtomaa, like her photographs, is enchanted by people.

She mostly works with fashion, as she is enthralled with the strong visuality of the garments and their materials, but above all, the people that fashion essentially is for.

Sara’s lens catches the beauty in everyone, and everything, and like a magician she has the ability to make her models light up in front of the camera and realise their own uniqueness. Everyone has a profound need to be seen and heard and this is exactly what people experience when being photographed by Sara.

Sara describes herself as a chameleon of styles, loving to explore everything that’s new. She is inspired by the multifaceted nature of life – both light and dark – and this is evident in her diverse body of work.

In all of her photoshoots, Sara makes sure everyone feels comfortable. Her excited manner is contagious and has a way of bringing out the best in everyone.

When Sara’s not behind the camera you can find her immersing herself in stories – be it in the form of movies, books or video games – or walking in a forest listening to her favorite tunes.

You can reach Sara at or talk to her at +358 40 968 4434.