Tapio Ranta-aho –



Tapio Ranta-aho is a promising young talent, who builds his moving images and photographs with a meticulous approach, always with the complete story in his mind. Tapio’s versatility shines in team work, and he is endlessly interested in trying out new techniques and sharing ideas with the whole team.

The light in Tapio’s work is always realistic and natural, and he is pedantic about getting his compositions just right. Although he loves to plan every detail, Tapio is quick to work out solutions to challenges and come up with new ideas when things change.

If you’re lucky enough to have had a chance to work with Tapio, you know that his can do -attitude, endless idea bank and professionalism are met with a generous passion towards lighting and cinematography.

Tapio’s happy place is anywhere around sea and navigation.

You can reach Tapio at tapio@fotonokka.fi or talk to him at +358 40 823 2825