Beverage Partners Finland –  Spirits

Product photography of different kinds of Spirits shot by Tomas Olsen for Beverage Partners Finland.


  • Photographer
    Tomas Olsen

  • Stylist
    Minna Lilja

  • Drink stylist
    Tuuli Heinonen

  • Photographers assistant
    Linda Salo

raspberries falling into a glass held by a hand by Tomas Olsen
the botanist bottle sitting on a slice of glass by Tomas Olsen
two crodino bottles and a glass placed in sand with a pineapple by Tomas Olsen
a drink surrounded by small objects on a pinkish background by Tomas Olsen
five glasses filled with champagne and a champagne bottle by Tomas Olsen
a aperol bottle and a drink placed on a pink table with a orange curtain by Tomas Olsen
a campari bottle on a red background by Tomas Olsen
a fresh looking drink placed on a table by Tomas Olsen
three wine bottles photographed on a black background by Tomas Olsen
a table with a wine bottle and glass by Tomas Olsen