Personal project –  Amphicar

“Impossible you say?”
Was the slogan from a 1967 Amphicar advert. These futuristic visions, their design originating in wartime Germany, were intended to supplant themselves into the 1960’s utopian dream of  America. Conceptualized and marketed yet ultimately a failure as the ‘car of the future’ only 3878 were made. They have, however enjoyed a resurgence, becoming unlikely symbols of a ‘better’ time.
Photographers Ossi Piispanen and Edmund Fraser joined the largest ‘amphimeet’ to date in Mt Dora, Florida, in a journey across post-Trump Americana. Their ambition was to document the heart of nostalgia and understand, in complex political times, these Jetson-esque objects and their owners.


  • Photographer
    Ossi Piispanen