Personal project –  Sceneries

Sceneries is a personal project by Tomas Olsen. This is a ongoing project which aims to show different observations of places and objects. The sceneries in the pictures are captures because Tomas finds them to be fascinating or interesting in different ways.


abstract surface tainted by color by Tomas Olsen
block of ice laying on rock by Tomas Olsen
stone covered by a pile of ice by Tomas Olsen
light shines on two trees in a green winter forrest by Tomas Olsen
light hits a spot in the forrest by Tomas Olsen
a spot of light shining through a old forrest by Tomas Olsen
sun light shines on beach covered by ice by Tomas Olsen
a frozen beach in sun light by Tomas Olsen
sun light shining on the top pf a tree against a light blue sky by Tomas Olsen
three brown minimalistic walls by Tomas Olsen
three dried flowers laying on a window pane in sunlight by Tomas Olsen