Glorious Sport –  The Fighting Arts Academy

Fighting discrimination and finding community at an East London Mixed Martial Arts Academy. ”The Arts of Mars” is a visually stunning, short documentary that focuses on the Academy’s female members and what MMA has given them.

Every week, women come together at The Fighting Arts Academy to grapple and reclaim a sport that has long been a stronghold for men. For 16-year-old Martyna, MMA is an outlet for her anger and from school bullying, for Suzie it’s a way to feel empowered in her middle age, and for the Sattar sisters, the Academy has allowed them to find a balance between fitness and faith. London-based director Ossi Piispanen joined the Academy’s intense training sessions to portray how its growing members are creating diverse, inclusive spaces open to all.


  • Director
    Ossi Piispanen

  • Producer
    Ossi Piispanen & ROOT

  • DOP
    John Fisher

  • POST Production
    OKAY Studio