Tietoevry –  The polite type

The Polite Type is an open-source font that rewrites hurtful words, replacing them with more inclusive ones. The Polite Type is meant to be used for educational purposes, at schools or by parents – one way to approach this issue and to create a safe space for discussion.

The initial vocabulary for the font has been co-created with high-school-aged teenagers and youth from diverse backgrounds in Finland, together with The Children and Youth Foundation. In Sweden, the initiative is supported by Friends-organization. The project is open to NGOs committed to fighting bullying.

We want to create room for the important discussion to make the online world a safer, more inclusive place for everyone.

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  • Client

  • Agency

  • Production

  • Producer
    Tuukka Tikkanen, Jonna Yletyinen

  • ECD
    Jyrki Poutanen, Mikko Pietilä

  • CD
    Markus Nieminen

  • Art Director
    Fredrik Stürmer

  • Senior Creative
    Maria Kuorikostki, Antti Halme

  • AC
    Maria Hästbacka

  • Stylist
    Aino Heiniö

  • Casting
    Donna Maimon

  • Retouch
    Astrid Lindroos