Elvi Rista –



Elvi Rista is a photographer extraordinaire. Her unique and recognizably drool-worthy food pictures in Helsingin Sanomat have captivated readers for years, and her people portraits are equally captivating in their ability to reveal the soul of the person she photographs.

Even though she practically grew up in a darkroom as a child (coming from a long lineage of photographers), Elvi has always been fascinated by light. For her, a photograph is always a dance with light, and her camera a medium for connection. Elvi’s inspiration and her visual cues come from everywhere around her, tangible and intangible, even things that cannot be seen, only felt.

Everything Elvi does is done with strong sense and feeling, and those emotions are an essential element in her photographs. They engage the viewer, and will not let go until something has moved deep within.

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