Kotipizza –  Tuulessa Tuoksuu Pizza

Photographer Paula Kesäläinen and DOP Tapio Ranta-aho shot stills and videos for Kotipizza’s “Tuulessa Tuoksuu Pizza”-campaign.


  • Client

  • Marketing director
    Rainer Lindqvist

  • Agency

  • Art director
    Miikka Saari

  • Copywriter
    Pasi Lindqvist

  • Photographer
    Paula Kesäläinen

  • DOP
    Tapio Ranta-aho

  • 1st AC
    Joonas Vohlakari

  • Stylist
    Milla Muurimäki

  • Muah
    Kira Muesa

  • Casting
    Donna Maimon

  • Producer
    Kaisa Pelkonen

Kotipizza is the largest pizza restaurant chain in Finland and Nordics, and a true icon in its field. Sustainability has been their core value for a long time, and now it was time to take a closer look at how they source their energy.

The company recently partnered with the Finnish wind energy company Ilmatar, and in the near future all of the vast electricity needs Kotipizza has, will be covered with wind energy by Kotipizza’s very own wind turbine.

Kotipizza was eager to communicate this to their customers, and so together with their agency partner N2 they set out to reach their audience with this news.

The brief was to get a simple, youthful, modern imagery to depict a wind-carried wonderful smell, and, for the first time in Kotipizza’s history, to turn focus on their customer instead of their products.

But how do you make viewers smell pizza without ever actually showing them one?

This was a challenge N2 decided to tackle with the help of Fotonokka and Paula Kesäläinen. Already in the treatment phase, Paula impressed everyone with her fresh and bold ideas. The key visuals for this campaign really needed to capture one specific moment, and as an expert on still life photography Paula was exactly the right person for this task. 

“This project presented a wonderful challenge in its simplicity. In the treatment phase I had a strong vision and the idea to bring some dystopian mystic and extreme focus on the details. We quickly established a good working relationship and found common ground with the client and agency partner, and were able to create a smooth working process together” Paula Kesäläinen describes. 

This unusual campaign has received good feedback especially on its interesting approach and how photography as an art form has received a center focus.

Great still photography can still enchant and captivate its viewer.